OLED Device Evaluation Equipment

Key parameter of OLED device could be determined precisely by our own dynamic device evaluation equipment, such as applied voltage, luminescence, current density, power efficiency and CIE value. In particular, we had designed an exclusive installation to record variations in lifetime.

• PR-650 & Keithley 2400 SourceMeter
• Life-time test equipment

Quality Assurance & Control

Lumtec is committed to be the preferred global manufacturer for organic optoelectronic materials and fine chemicals. Three most essential properties of our products are quality, efficiency and diversity. To meet customer requirements and satisfaction, the certified report generated by PL, UV, HPLC, GPC and TGA as well as structure identified instrument will be applicable for Lumtec materials in order to always supply high quality products to our customers. With close connection between each department from raw materials to final production, we continuously strive improving and developing reliable techniques to fulfill customer satisfaction in the years ahead.