we can do for you

Lumtec provides custom synthesis tailored to customers’ specific needs in research and study. All inquiries of custom synthesis
will be submitted to our technicians thorough evaluations. If necessary, non-disclosure agreements or other business contracts could be signed.

 Production Line 

– 20 sets of 30~500 Liter Reactors, capacity 1 ton/month

 Sublimation Line 

– 12 sets of Sublimation Purify System, capacity 200 kg/month

Analysis Instrument

– HPLC, NMR, LC-Ms, GPC, TGA, UV, PL, etc.

Clean Room

– ITO Etching & Patterning
– Device Fabrication

Specific Reaction

– Ullmann reaction
– Cyanation reaction
– Elimination reaction
– Friedel-Crafts reaction
– Alkylation/Acylation
– Grignard reaction
– Wittig reaction
– Sandmeyer reaction

– Sonogashira reaction
– Suzuki reaction
– Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation
– Vilsmeier reaction
– Williamson reaction
– Catalytic hydrogenation
– Knoevenagel condensation