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Product Name: 特殊紅外線快速乾燥系統

產品介紹 Product Introduction 



IR 燈管台灣生產製造,品質穩定可靠。

客製化生產製程設計,快速乾燥及固化油墨,縮短烘乾時間及節省生產設備空間 。

The new generation of special IR process can improve poor coating surface and shorten drying time. According to the needs of different industries, the energy output of the IR lamp can be independently controlled to match the best process parameters. 
Special IR for high substrate-penetration characteristics prevents the substrate from shrinking. 
High-quality and stable IR lamp made in Taiwan.
Customized production process design according to the coating and substrate material to reduce drying time and equipment space.

Special IR rapid drying system1


Will your coating have lengthy drying time and uneven surface?

  • 10秒就讓油墨乾燥  Only 10sec to dry coating
  • 特殊紅外線波長  Special IR 


隧道式快速乾燥系統  Tunnel-type rapid drying system

Special IR rapid drying system2

烘箱 vs 特殊紅外線   Oven vs Special IR

烘箱 Oven 

烘箱採熱傳與熱對流方式加熱,塗層及底材一併緩慢加熱 The coating and substrate are heated slowly at the same time by way of heat transfer and heat convection.

特殊紅外線 Special IR

特殊紅外線能快速輻射加熱塗層,但不會加熱底材會直接穿透 Special IR can quickly radiate and heat the ink, but will not heat the substrate and will penetrate directly.

Special IR rapid drying system3

烘箱  Oven 

特殊紅外線 Special IR


1. Slow heat conduction, longer drying time.
2. Substrate tends to shrinking at high temperature.
3. Rugged coating surface due to uneven heating.
4. High energy consumption, larger space.


1. Fast drying and curing, short process time.
2. No shrinkage due to low heat accumulation.
3. Smooth coating surface due to uniform heating.
4. Low energy consumption, smaller space.