Product No:
Product Name: UV-LED ISOSun SMU


   InfinityPV ApS offers an all-in-one solution for testing small laboratory solar cells under illumination. The light source is a powerful combination of UV and white light LEDs allowing illumination over an area of 16 x 16 mm2, which is typical for research laboratory substrates of 25 x 25 or 25 x 50 mm. 
Illumination is from below and contacting is achieved from the top using spring loaded gold contacts and we include custom sample holder for up to four junctions. The geometry is fixed by the sample holder making the unit very reproducible when comparing samples. The system also packs an SMU allowing you to measure IV-curves through the 1-to-5 multiplexer of an external sample (i.e. a sample under an external light source such as the sun or your own light source) or of one of four junctions in the sample holder illuminated by the UV-vis LED. The external channel is connected through banana plugs for versatility. The high available power from the LEDs allows you to synthesize your own spectrum by balancing the UV and white light components and carry out concentration experiments whereby you find saturation and current limitations. Finally, it can detect shunts and burn them, further the unit also has a switcher where you can control the dose when switching/shunt-burning/de-doping. It can be operated from the touch display or from a PC using the software which also offers extra features such as preprogrammed experiments using different light intensities or lifetime experiments. 
Common to all the products in the infinityPV Academic Research Line is that they have a small foot-print and present an open platform that is easily adaptable to all the great experiments that have not been carried out yet. You can fit them almost everywhere in the lab, in the fume cupboard, on the bench and in the glovebox.