Product No.: LT-N5002 / LT-N5002P1
Product Name: Ir(3mppy)3
Chemical Name: Tris(2-phenyl-3-methyl-pyridine)iridium
CAS No.: 639006-72-7
Grade: Sublimed >99% / Unsublimed >97%
Formula: C36H30IrN3
M.W.: 696.86 g/mole
UV: 283, 383 nm (in CH2Cl2)
PL: 522 nm (in CH2Cl2)
TGA: >280 °C (0.5% weight loss)
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Reference: Highly Efficient and Stable Phosphorescent Organic Light-​Emitting Diodes Utilizing Reverse Intersystem Crossing of the Host Material, Adv. Optical Mater. 2014, 2, 1070–1075;DOI:10.1002/adom.201400242