Product No.: LT-S9175
Product Name: 512-TIPS-Tetracene
Chemical Name: 5,12-Bis((triisopropylsilyl)ethynyl)tetracene
CAS No.: 628316-50-7
Grade: >99% (HPLC)
Formula: C40H52Si2
M.W.: 589.01 g/mole
UV: 389 nm (in CH2Cl2)
TGA: >250 °C (0.5% weight loss)
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Reference: Synthesis solution-processed thin film transistors and solid solutions of silylethynylated diazatetracenes Chem. Commun. 201450 12828-12831;DOI:10.1039/C4CC04627G

BDT2TH, belongs to OTFT / Organic Field-Effect Transistor (OFET) / Small Molecular / Oligomer Materials.