Date Title
2021/03/29 LT-S9560 [BTPA III] Theoretical characterization of photoactive molecular systems based on BODIPY-derivatives for the design of organic solar cells
2021/03/29 LT-S9559 [BTP-eC9] Single-Junction Organic Photovoltaic Cells with Approaching 18% Efficiency
2021/03/29 LT-S9558 [Y6-BO-4Cl] Highly efficient non-fullerene organic solar cells enabled by a delayed processing method using a non-halogenated solvent
2021/03/29 LT-S9476 [PM6(PBDB-T-2F)]、 LT-S9457 [Y6] Single-layered organic photovoltaics with double cascading charge transport pathways: 18% efficiencies
2021/03/29 LT-N7010 [oDTBPZ-DPXZ] Managing Locally Excited and Charge-Transfer Triplet States to Facilitate Up-Conversion in Red TADF Emitters That are Available for Both Vacuum- and Solution-Processes
2021/03/29 LT-N6074 [PPCzTrz]、LT-N6075 [PCzTrz] High-efficiency, long-lifetime deep-blue organic light-emitting diodes
2021/03/29 LT-N4202 [TPE-TADC] Creation of Efficient Blue Aggregation-Induced Emission Luminogens for High-Performance Nondoped Blue OLEDs and Hybrid White OLEDs
2021/03/29 LT-N4201 [CN-TPB-TPA] Unraveling the Important Role of High-Lying Triplet–Lowest Excited Singlet Transitions in Achieving Highly Efficient Deep-Blue AIE-Based OLEDs
2020/11/04 [Reference Study_BODIPY Dyes_ NBB] Highly efficient near-infrared BODIPY phototherapeutic nanoparticles for cancer treatment
2020/11/04 [Reference Study_BODIPY Dyes_ tPhBODIPY] Strategically Modulating Carriers and Excitons for Efficient and Stable Ultrapure-Green Fluorescent OLEDs with a Sterically Hindered BODIPY Dopant
2020/11/04 [Reference Study_BODIPY Dyes_SNBDP] Heavy atom substituted near-infrared BODIPY nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy
2020/11/04 [ Reference Study _BODIPY Dyes_ox-2b ] A Highly Selective NIR Fluorescent Turn-on Probe for Hydroxyl Radical and Its Application in Living Cell Images
2020/11/04 LT-N6065[2,6-TXO-PhCz] 、LT-N6066[2,7-TXO-PhCz] Substitution Conformation Balances the Oscillator Strength and Singlet–Triplet Energy Gap for Highly Efficient D–A–D Thermally
2020/11/04 LT-N6063 [BTH-DMF] 、 LT-N6064 [2F-BTH-DMF] Experimental Evidence for “Hot Exciton” Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters
2020/08/28 LT-S9544 [Y18]
2020/08/27 LT-S9545 [PDINN]
2020/08/25 LT-S9540 [TIPS anti DNI]
2020/08/25 LT-N6060 [TMCz-BO]
2020/08/25 LT-N1007 [4DBFHPB]
2020/08/25 C0092 [DAT] + C0093 [DAT1-OH]