Date Title
2020/11/04 [ Reference Study _BODIPY Dyes_ox-2b ] A Highly Selective NIR Fluorescent Turn-on Probe for Hydroxyl Radical and Its Application in Living Cell Images
2020/11/04 LT-N6065[2,6-TXO-PhCz] 、LT-N6066[2,7-TXO-PhCz] Substitution Conformation Balances the Oscillator Strength and Singlet–Triplet Energy Gap for Highly Efficient D–A–D Thermally
2020/11/04 LT-N6063 [BTH-DMF] 、 LT-N6064 [2F-BTH-DMF] Experimental Evidence for “Hot Exciton” Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters
2020/08/28 LT-S9544 [Y18]
2020/08/27 LT-S9545 [PDINN]
2020/08/25 LT-S9540 [TIPS anti DNI]
2020/08/25 LT-N6060 [TMCz-BO]
2020/08/25 LT-N1007 [4DBFHPB]
2020/08/25 C0092 [DAT] + C0093 [DAT1-OH]
2020/08/25 [ Reference Study_OPD Materials_ LT-S9447 ITIC-4F+LT-S9468 IDFBR ] Color-Selective Printed Organic Photodiodes for Filterless Multichannel Visible Light Communication
2020/08/25 [ Reference Study_OPD Materials_ LT-S9178 PMDPP3T ] A conformable imager for biometric authentication and vital sign measurement
2020/08/17 [ Reference Study_OPD_PhBODIPY ] Improving NIR sensor detectivity of BODIPY/C60 bulk heterojunction photodiode
2020/08/03 2020 New Product
2020/02/20 Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cell and Perovskite Organic Solar Cell
2020/01/28 LT-N573[BCzTrzDBF] , LT-N574 [TCzTrzDBF], LT-N6041[TRZ-p-ACRSA]
2020/01/28 LT-N6042 [TTSA]
2021/09/16 Organic Photovoltaic (OPV)_Introduction
2021/09/16 Solution-Processed OLED_Introduction
2021/09/15 Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) OLED_Introduction