Heavy atom substituted near-infrared BODIPY nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy

Yuandong Zhang(1), Zhiyu Yang(1), Xiaohua Zheng(2), Lu Yang(1), Nan Song(1), Liping Zhang(1), Li Chen(1), Zhigang Xie(2)

(1) Department of Chemistry, Northeast Normal University, 5268 Renmin Street, Changchun, 130024, PR China 
(2) State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5625 Renmin Street, Changchun, 130022, PR China

Reference: Dyes and Pigments, Volume 178, July 2020, 108348. 


  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a promising alternative to cancer therapy for its non-invasive advantage. The rational design of ideal photosensitizers (PSs) is especially significant in PDT.
  • A diiodosubstituted BODIPY (SNBDP) with near-infrared (NIR) region absorption and fluorescence emission by Knoevenagel condensation reaction.
  • The SNBDP nanoparticles (NPs) were prepared by the nanoprecipitation method wrapped by poloxamer.



*Figure reference: Dyes and Pigments, Volume 178, July 2020, 108348.

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