SWIR & NIR QDots from Chemigo for Sensing, Photodetector

Quality Production and Supply

- Innovative synthetic processes to control and produce high quality and high-performance Quantum Dots (QDs) at scale.
- Pb-based and heavy metal-free quantum dot (ECO QDs) systems available.
- Developed by the world-leading QD team with extensive commercial scale-up experience .

Leading Performance

- QD materials with high size uniformity and batch-to-batch consistency on large scale.
- Thermal and colloidal stability as well as better redispersion in solvents.

QD stack

- IP and extensive know-how in QD device fabrication.
- Industry champion efficiencies established in the NIR and SWIR for lead and ECO QDs .
- Support QD stack optimization to help shorten R&D cycle times.