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N,N' -Bis(naphthalen-1-yl)-N,N' -bis(phenyl)-benzidine

  • CAS No.:123847-85-8
  • Grade:Sublimed, > 99.5% (HPLC)
  • Formula:C44H32N2
  • M.W.:588.74 g/mole
  • UV:339 nm (in THF)
  • PL:450 nm (in THF)
  • TGA:> 330 °C (0.5% weight loss)
Product & Specification : 
More other grades are available, please click the “inquiry” and leave us Product No. or Product Name in the message box.
Product No. Product Name
LT-E101 NPB, Sublimed >99.5%
LT-E101P1 NPB, Sublimed >99%
LT-E101P2 NPB, >98%
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