Patterned FTO substrate


Fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) is a transparent conductive film, FTO can be usually used in a wide range of opto-electronic applications. FTO film has better thermal stability compared with ITO film. Meanwhile, the optical transmission of FTO film is high in the visible region. So, It is most suitable for the fabrication of thin-film photovoltaics (such as perovskite solar cell, dye-sensitized solar cell, organic solar cell), energy-saving windows, touch-screen displays, etc. Different FTO patterns and glass dimensions designed by customers are available now.
Thin-film photovoltaics application:

Thin-film photovoltaics application:


FTO experimental data:

Organic solar cell:  FTO/ZnO/OPV/MoO3/Ag
No. Voc (V) Jsc(mA/cm2) FF(%) PCE(%)
# 1 0.8 18.22 65.59 9.56
# 2 0.8 18.73 64.35 9.64
# 3 0.8 18.56 64.7 9.62


Item Specification Unit
Glass Thickness 2.2 mm
Glass Type Soda lime glass  
FTO Thickness 200 nm
FTO Resistance 15 Ω/□
FTO Roughness < 12.5 nm
FTO work function 4.4 - 4.7 eV
FTO Transmission 83.5%