Label Desiccant (DRY01)

OLED device is very sensitive to the moisture, black spot will easily occur without proper encapsulation.  A good encapsulation is very necessary for OLED test, including material, efficiency and life, etc. A lable desiccant inside the cover glass can absorb the diffused moisture to prevent from the formation of black spot, so that a long lifetime OLED can be made for reliable study.


Application :

Comparison :

OLED emission after 1-week storage

Item Specification Unit
Package 100 pcs/pack
Size 18 x 18 mm2
Thickness 180 um
Sorption Capacity (20℃/65% RH) > 50 g/m2

Liquid Desiccant (DRY02)

Liquid desiccant in a syringe  Liquid desiccant dispensed on cover glass.

Besides label desiccant, liquid desiccant is another choice for OLED encapsulation.  A little liquid desiccant can be dispensed on the cavity of cover glass to absorb moisture, and the original OLED performance can be maintained.

Item Specification Unit
Package 10 g/syringe
Curing Condition 120/3hr or 160/1hr
Sorption Capacity (23℃/50% RH) > 16 wt%
Viscosity @ a shear rate of 5s-1 123,000 cPs

Thin-film Desiccant (DRY03)

Thin-film desiccant is designed for flexible OLED. Both thin-film desiccant and barrier film have to be successively attached on an OLED to prevent from the laternal diffused moisture, so that a flexible OLED can freely be demonstrated in air. 


Application :

Item Specification Unit
Package 5 pcs/pack
Size 298 x 210 mm2
Thickness 95 μm
Sorption Capacity (23℃/50% RH) > 20 g/m2